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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the production of images from an aircraft platform, such as an airplane, helicopter or drone. The term sometimes includes photography from artificial satellites as well, though the two methods differ somewhat in cost, resolution and update frequency. The technology is primarily intended for geographical cartography and reconnaissance but also has many geophysical applications. A process called orthorectification removes perspective distortions that are a by-product of camera optics by projecting the images onto a flat surface of uniform scale. Orthophotos permit georeferencing for use in mapping applications and GIS software.

A useful application of aerial photography for presenting geophysical findings is to overlay geophysical images on top of the aerial photograph. The relationship between geophysical results and subtle differences in terrain and surface features becomes apparent. To avoid interference with the image colour scale, we convert the aerial photograph in the background to greyscale and make the geophysical image transparent to reveal underlying surface features.

Setting the Precedent in Environmental Geophysics