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Quality data originate in the field, and quality maps begin with boots on the ground. Our field crew consists of project scientists with years of field experience in the oil and gas, and agricultural sectors. Cascade Imaging Solutions only employs the most determined and motivated personnel that will go the distance to get results in adverse weather and site conditions.

An important aspect of delineating anomalous regions during a survey is closure. Closure means that the surveyed area is extended in all directions until background (i.e. naturally occurring) levels are attained. Closed anomalies yield complete images of the impacted areas. Obtaining closure necessitates entry into areas and vegetation not accessible by ATV. Therefore, our geophysical surveys are conducted on foot for maximum quality.

Instrument responses are also easier to interpret when approaching linear features (roads, pipelines, ditches, etc.) perpendicularly due to electromagnetic coupling and imaging effects. This is another reason surveys conducted on foot produce better quality images than surveys conducted by ATV.

We produce preliminary maps instantaneously in the field. This allows for immediate sample targeting and investigation. The maps are georeferenced for instant positioning on mobile devices.

Setting the Precedent in Environmental Geophysics