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Geophysics is an earth science that evaluates physical material properties to infer subsurface conditions. There are several geophysical techniques, which exploit different properties. Every method has strengths and weaknesses associated with the physics that tailor to specific applications. Selection of the appropriate geophysical approach depends on the objective.

Our surveying procedure couples geophysical measurements with positional data, facilitating powerful imaging processes. The technology offers rapid data acquisition and instantaneous results. Target zone identification allows accurate analytical follow-up work to confirm geophysical findings.

We specialize in the delineation of ionic contamination (i.e. salts). Ion concentrations relate to soil conductivity that can be determined with frequency-domain electromagnetic induction methods, also known as EM surveying.

There are a variety of other geophysical methods suitable for a wide range of applications including environmental, exploration, and agricultural investigations. Proper geophysical method selection ensures target zones can be located and identified.


Setting the Precedent in Environmental Geophysics